Procurement and Suppliers



We are Transitioning from Fax to Email Notifications

Our Supply Chain organization is enhancing all Procurement and Supplier correspondence by utilizing email as the primary source of communication.

Existing vendors may receive future communications regarding our transition to email communication. 

Vendors are welcome to submit their current Business Questionnaire (BQ) and W-9 information to: to ensure your information is current in our system.

Refer to the Helpful Numbers document if you have any questions.

Conduct business with us

At CPS Energy, we depend on a variety of parts, materials, and services to provided affordable and reliable energy.

Our Supply Chain department is responsible for procuring these items and services. It encompasses three functional business areas:

  • Contract Services
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Fleet Services

We seek to maximize the bidding opportunities to vendors and invite all businesses to participate in our bidding process.

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Environmental Sustainability Principles

CPS Energy is dedicated to environmentally conscious practices that lead to the betterment of our community.  To that end, CPS Energy prefers to purchase products and materials, where feasible, that demonstratively minimize the harmful effects to the environment from their production, transportation, use and / or disposition.  This is aligned to our belief that the focus on improving our overall environmental footprint benefits our community and our customers.